Камчатский проект может стать участником программы «100 городских лидеров»: ИА «Кам 24»

Камчатский проект может стать участником программы «100 городских лидеров»

29 января 2020, 11:43 3500

Investment project from Kamchatka may be included in the program «100 city leaders»

The partner of the Development Corporation of Kamchatka, the limited liability company Ozero, headed by Dmitry Yershov, has formed two investment projects aimed at creating a comfortable urban environment in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

The first of them involves the restoration of a two-storied building on Krasintsev Street in the heart of the regional center, to create a tourist visit center. It will house an interactive museum with a hall for viewing 3D videos about memorable events in the history of Kamchatka, and a permanent fair for local artists. The information and marketing content of the visit center will allow residents and guests of the city to get information about all the tourist products of the peninsula, legally operating tour operators and buy tours they offer.

The second project will provide the development of a recreational area in the vicinity of Lake Medvezhye, and its transformation into a year-round public park.

The business initiative offers further landscaping, the construction of an ethnographic village, pavilions for cafes, a laser shooting gallery, some other buildings, the creation of small architectural forms, as well as the formation of active rest areas.

The Ozero projec for the development of the park in the vicinity of Lake Medvezhye can become a participant in the program of «100 city leaders» announced by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), which will be launched at the Sochi Investment Forum on February 15.

The Director General of the Development Corporation of Kamchatka, Yulia Kharitonova, notes that Ozero’s projects are among private business initiatives aimed at creating a modern and comfortable urban environment, leading to an improvement in the quality of life of the citizens and creating jobs, especially for young people. The initiatives of Dmitry Yershov obviously have compounding potential, pushing other entrepreneurs to generate business initiatives.

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