Kamchatka takes fourth place in the SMEs support level ranking of Russian regions: ИА «Кам 24»

Kamchatka takes fourth place in the SMEs support level ranking of Russian regions

14 мая 2020, 13:28 3970

The authoritative periodical "Novye Izvestia" published a rating of the level of support for small and medium-sized enterprises in the regions of the Russian Federation. It is based on data on actual expenditures of the regions for rendering assistance to local SMEs. Information on the amounts of financial support for business is contained in the appendices to the budgets of the Russian regions under the clause "Subprogram" Development of Small and Medium Enterprises ".

The rating compilers divided those sums of budget funds on the number of small and business enterprises registered by the fiscal authority on April 10 of the current year in a particular subject of the Federation.

The Kamchatka Territory takes fourth place in the rating of "Novye Izvestia". As for our region, 23,867.47 rubles were allocated per every SME enterprise. The leader of the rating is Chukotka. Each small and medium-sized enterprise of this region may receive 62,910.66 rubles. The second and third places are occupied, respectively, by the Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the Altai Republic.

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